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HAWK Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst
University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Keßlerstraße 57
31134 Hildesheim
Tel. +49 5121 408174
Fax. +49 5121 408185

President: Dr. Marc Hudy | Head of Administration: Dr. Anne Faber

USt.-ID-Nr.: DE 154 261 014

The Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen / University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a state-financed university.

Supervising authority:
Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony
Leibnizufer 9
D-30169 Hannover

Legal Notice

Conditions of use: SaltWiki is an information platform accessible to the public; the members of the research association are responsible for the maintenance of its content. The page contents are created by registered specialist authors. Any registered user can write content on the discussion pages. Editors are responsible for quality assurance of the articles. The textual content of the articles falls under the Creative Commons Licence "Attribution-Non-commercial-Share-alike under the same conditions 3.0 Germany". The respective stated licences apply for uploaded files, particularly images.

Liability for content: The SaltWiki authors are obliged to create in accordance with the author guidelines all content that they contribute to this website. The contents of SaltWiki are generally produced jointly with editorial support. Works that are suspected of breaching copyright, rights of exploitation, rights of personality or other rights can be corrected or deleted at any time without consultation by the editor responsible. Each author/user him/herself is fully responsible for contributions created by him/her. The provider expressly reserves the right to exclude individual authors/users.

Because of the structure of SaltWiki and the frequent changes to its content, the possibility of coming across incorrect, incomplete, out-of-date, contradictory, incoherent or shortened details/commentaries here cannot be ruled out. The SaltWiki articles are here for information and not for advice in particular matters of concern. The authors, editors and HAWK accept no liability for damage arising through trust in the content of this website or its use.

Note to rights holders: In the author guidelines, the website provider stresses that no material is to be used that breaches the rights of third parties. However, it cannot be ruled out that authors unconsciously include material that is in breach of existing protection rights and that is not immediately recognised as such. If such a breach of copyright is reported to the provider, the material involved will be removed immediately.

Liability information for links: This website also includes further links to the websites of other providers. On the first link, the external offer is checked for illegal content. HAWK or the authors/editors are not responsible for external content that can be reached through such links. The operators of the linked sites alone are responsible for the content. If the Hornemann Institute discovers or is informed that a linked offer has illegal content, this link will be removed from the website.