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Mineralogical name Astrakanite, Bloedite
Chemical name Sodium magnesium sulfate
Trivial name
Chemical formula Na2Mg(SO4)2•4H2O
Other forms
Crystal system monoclinic
Crystal structure
Deliquescence humidity 20°C
Solubility (g/l) at 20°C
Density (g/cm³) 2.23 g/cm3
Molar volume 150.0 cm3/mol
Molar weight 334.48 g/mol
Transparency transparent
Cleavage none observed
Crystal habit
Phase transition
Chemical behavior
Crystal Optics
Refractive Indices nx = 1.483
ny = 1.486
nz = 1.487
Birefringence Δ = 0.004
Optical Orientation biaxial negative
Dispersion 0.71°
Used Literature
[Dana:1951]Title: Dana's System of Mineralogy
Author: Dana J.D.
Link to Google Scholar
[JCPDS:1991]Title: JCPDS Powder Diffraction File 2 (PDF-2)
Link to Google Scholar

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[Dana:1951]Dana E.S. (eds.) Dana J.D. (1951): Dana's System of Mineralogy, 7, Wiley & SonsLink to Google Scholar
[JCPDS:1991] (1991): JCPDS Powder Diffraction File 2 (PDF-2).Link to Google Scholar