Case Studies

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Author: Hans-Jürgen Schwarz
English version by Sandra Leithäuser
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Case studies provide an insight into practical conservation work. The analysis and conservation procedures described here correspond to the specific situations and only serve as guidelines for the approach to be taken in others cases. Procedures appropriate for one case rarely are transferable to other situations. However, they give an overview of preliminary tests, analytical methods and conservation measures and this methodology could be followed in other cases.

The case examples are presented by subject groups.

Case Studies: Wall Paintings

The repair and restoration work at the Imperial Cathedral Königslutter was completed in 2009 and the building was re-opened to the public. Salt damage was an important issue for the conservation of architectural finishes and murals and several examples are presented.

Case Studies: Stone

The Grotto Hall in the New Palais at the Sanssouci Palace Park, has its walls and ceilings decorated with stucco (gypsum mortar) in which a variety of different materials such as minerals, rocks, fossils and shells are embedded. Preliminary investigations have shown that salt crystallization plays an important role in the deterioration processes, particularly for those areas located around the windows facing the park.