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Author:Hans-Jürgen Schwarz

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To assess a salt contamination and to take appropriate measures, intensive investigations are necessary. This includes not only studies to determine the salt type and salt quantity. Equally important to enlighten a salt damage is the determination of the moisture content and the knowledge of the climatic environment, which can be obtained through long-term climatic measurements.

Here the methods to achieve the above goals are treated, but there are also methods described to determine the basic physicochemical relationships with respect to the damaging action of the salts and to quantify the findings. Experimental methods that help elucidate the mechanisms of damage are explained. Further this chapter deals with monitoring procedures to verify the relevance and success of measures.

In addition to the quantitative/qualitative methods also exploratory methods are explained and evaluated, allowing the practitioner on site a first orientation and leads to further investigation steps.

Sampling and documentation will be treated because well documented and described specimens (Metadata) are of paramount importance and a sample should always be suitable to answer the questions. The sample must be representative, which may be a not to be underestimated task and a difficult task that requires careful planning.

The chapters are: