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Natron[1][2] [3]
Mineralogical name Natron
Chemical name Sodium carbonate dekahydrate
Trivial name Soda
Chemical formula Na2CO3•10H2O
Other forms
Crystal system monoclinic
Crystal structure
Deliquescence humidity 20°C 96.5% (15°C), 97.9% (20°C), 88.2% (25°C), 83.2% (30°C)
Solubility (g/l) at 20°C 215.8 g/l
Density (g/cm³) 1.46 g/cm³
Molar volume 196.0 cm3/mol
Molar weight 286.14 g/mol
Transparency transparent to translucent
Cleavage distinct to good
Crystal habit
Phase transition
Chemical behavior
Comments blooms quickly in dry air and passes into the monohydrate
pH about 12
Crystal Optics
Refractive Indices nx = 1.405
ny = 1.425
nz = 1.440
Birefringence Δ = 0.035
Optical Orientation biaxial negative
Used Literature

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